Thursday, June 23, 2011

States have rights you know....

In today’s America we are losing sight of the fact that we were meant to be individual states, consenting to be governed by a federal government. The federal government is usurping power from states at an unprecedented rate. Take for example the court case going on in Seattle right now, The National Labor Relations Board is actually trying to prevent Boeing, a private entity from building a plant in South Carolina. Our founding fathers, Including Madison, would certainly balk at this outrageous overreach of federal power. The EPA is now costing dairy farmers thousands of dollars annually by forcing them to submit Hazmat plans in the event of a catastrophic milk spill, the stimulus package gave General Motors, a private company, hundreds of millions of dollars only so they could build a plant in Mexico. More than half of our States are against the Health Care bill, yet the federal government continues to force it down our throats. This is certainly not the America our founders envisioned. I believe that states can do a better job at managing themselves than the Federal government, what works for Arizona may not Work for Maine, What works for Vermont may not work for Texas. Take the Department of Education, before the Department of Education was created America was a leading force in the world, creating and innovating at break neck speed, post Department of Education we are falling behind at a rapid rate. Why? It’s simple, Local municipalities have a vested interest in making sure their school systems are top notch, they are actively involved on a micro level, the federal government only sees the big picture and views the education system as one entity. What works for a school in New York City is not what works for a school in rural Cordele Georgia. I believe in a strong national government, I however believe that our government has exceeded its constitutional authority. Not long ago our nation was vehemently defending states rights; I do not believe it is a coincidence that since the rapid expansion of the federal government our nation has reached a plateau.

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