Sunday, May 13, 2012

Repeal, but don't Replace!

American politicians are fundamentally misguided, across both parties and at every level, from local municipalities to Capitol Hill. Our politicians believe they are hired by the people to legislate for the people, therefore these politicians measure their success by how much legislation and regulation they are able to pass. This must change; we must disassociate the passage of legislation to success as a politician. More laws and additional regulations are only harming Americans. This nation needs bold leaders who are willing to go against the status quo and fight to repeal burdensome rules. It is essential that we as citizens end the culture of forcing officials to justify their existence by the number of laws they write, I am more inclined to vote for a do nothing politician than an individual who’s only goal is to churn out new government policy.

I believe that we as citizens are capable of making the best decisions for our own lives, I don’t need a politician to tell me what type of light bulb I should buy, I don’t need some government official to tell me what sort of toilet I can and cannot put in my home. I certainly don’t need the President to use the police power of government to force me to purchase a product. These laws and regulations only serve to restrict individual freedoms. Each new regulation, harmless as it may seem further tightens the noose around the neck of the people’s liberty.

Join me in advocating that our representatives put down the pen and pull out the shredder. If government legislators and regulators would stand aside and allow the people to function free of their senseless shackles this Nation would find new life and be rejuvenated by a fresh breath of freedom. 

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