Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cowboy Poetry:

Recently Harry Reid spoke against the budget cuts proposed by conservatives. Was he trying to save education funding? Nope. Defense spending? Nope. Entitlement programs? Nope. He spoke out against efforts to cut the budget for arts programs using Nevada’s annual cowboy poetry festival as his example. This man, this supposed leader in our society has the nerve to speak out against efforts to reduce deficit spending so that some cowboys can put on a poetry reading? Is this what we’ve come to as a society? Unemployment is hovering around nine percent nationally; our credit rating is on the precipice of being downgraded, our housing market has collapsed, an estimated one million people will be foreclosed on this year alone, our retirement funds have dwindled, we as a nation are in dire economic straits and the root cause of this is poor fiscal policy and deficit spending. In the midst of all of this, Harry Reid, the senate majority leader has the nerve to speak out against cutting the budget for cowboy poetry… Seriously America?  This is just another example of how detached from society the ordinary Washington liberal is, when we as a nation care more about cowboy poetry than fiscal solvency we are truly in trouble. We must return to our fiscally conservative roots, I have nothing against cowboys or poetry however I do not under any circumstances, believe it is the role of the federal government to fund cowboy poetry. When we are in 14 trillion dollars of debt something has to go, shouldn’t cowboy poetry and similar programs be on the chopping block? Shouldn’t we care more about maintaining our infrastructure than our poets? I for one think that if Thomas Jefferson heard Mr. Reid’s speech he would have challenged him to a dual on the spot. I love this land, and we must get our fiscal house in order or risk dire consequences. 


  1. Couldn't agree more. Something has to be done. I am proposing a Constitutional admendamnt to have a balanced budget on federal spending. Glenn Beck has a chapter in his most recent book on the subject, I will post the link soon to his website so you can get his take. He might come off as a radical, but most things discussed on his show are for ratings purposes(He's really a genius mind). Furthermore, we as americans must elect politicians in congress who reduce taxes and reduce spending even more(stateing the obvious here). If we can not afford things that aren't for a major purpose (Education, National Security, National Infrastructure, etc...) then we can not support spending anymore. Spending on the public level is radical because politicians are not fiscally responisble for the money they spend. If it were coming out of their personal checking accounts (Republicans and Democrats alike) then they would be much more CONSERVATIVE with their/our money. ROLL TIDE, keep the post coming Shane. God HAS blessed America. Let's take our blessings in account and continue to be a world power, not a faultering/collapsing republic.

  2. Okay, first things first, WAR DAMN EAGLE! Second, I agree 100%, I'm not a big Beck guy but I am more than willing to check it out! What do you think about doing away with the Department of Education all together? I believe we can do a better job educating our children than the federal government can, this would also save billions.